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Abby's Top Four
Go to Free Markets

Free Markets

It’s not rocket science. Allegan knows what delivers the goods: free enterprise. The well stocked stores of Allegan County are a sharp contrast to the empty shelves of Venezuela.

Regulation should only be undertaken with the lightest touch possible, and only where absolutely necessary. Small businesses should not be crippled by regulations which cater to large companies with armies of lawyers. Allegan jobs depend upon thriving farmers and businesses, not government regulations and subsidies.

Go to Education


Allegan children deserve the best preparation for life and that is a quality education. The common sense of parents – not the Common Core of special interests – will ensure the success of every Allegan child throughout their lives.

Education is not political indoctrination, or the redistribution of wealth, but a process of parents directing capable professionals to teach basic facts to their children. Government’s role in this process is keeping the peace outside so teachers and students can work inside.

Go to Health Care

Health Care

You simply cannot find a more completely mismanaged service sector than health care. Costs are skyrocketing and quality is diminishing as practices are dictated by remote bureaucrats, industry lawyers, and legislators. No bureaucracy, lawyer, or legislation has ever cured a sick child.

Allegan needs a representative who will promote transparency, competition, and patient-wallet accountability. The history of health care over the last 50 years demonstrates that government mandates and subsidies are a sorry substitute for individual control.

Go to Energy


The availability and cost of electricity determine the quality of life of every Allegan County resident. Michigan is about to establish its energy policy for the next decade. Michigan should promote plentiful energy, not ration it through monopoly or restrictions based on junk science.

Every Allegan resident is entitled to the best energy pricing and availability that is possible for his area. No one should receive special pricing at the expense of other energy consumers.

About Abby

A third generation Allegan County resident, Nobel’s first full-time job was Nurse’s Aide at Sandy Creek Nursing Home in Wayland, MI. Since earning her BSN from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, she has served West Michigan residents at Holland Hospital, Borgess-Pipp Community Hospital, and Spectrum Health, earning specialty certifications in Medical/Surgical nursing and Ambulatory Care.

She credits her upbringing on an Allegan farm with giving her a good start in life and in healthcare. “I learned a lot feeding calves, milking cows, and helping sick animals. You meet the unexpected, and dealing with it develops a can-do attitude.” Memories include picking field corn and loading hay bales at her grandparents’ farm. “It was hot and dirty work, but it went faster with all of us working together. I learned it is immensely satisfying to finish that last load at the end of the day.”