April 4, 2016


Draft3 Allogo (2)Abby has worked within the healthcare field for many years and experienced the important issues which face hospitals, clinicians, and patients alike. Michigan faces challenging times due to Obamacare cost increases such as Medicaid expansion.

Michigan’s budget troubles will return when state funding of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion begins  in January 2017.  Michigan will be required to make up the difference as hundreds of millions in Federal funding is withdrawn.  That money has been proposed to come from Allegan road funding and other state programs important to Allegan County.

Abby knew this was coming since the day in 2013 when she first spoke against Michigan passage of the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion. Knowing the system was unsustainable, she has been actively seeking better alternatives that will allow Michigan patients and taxpayers recover from the Medicaid Expansion disaster as painlessly as possible.

Michigan Medicaid Expansion Cost ProjectionA striking similarity exists between the $1.3 billion cost of Medicaid Expansion projected in 2013 and the $1.2 billion in extra taxes sought for the roads by Proposal 1 in 2015. The actual situation today is far worse because about 150,000 more people signed up for Medicaid expansion than projected. The federal funding that sweetened the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion deal is long gone, and the safety-net funds publicized by supporters were never set aside. This will haunt state budgets, starting in 2017.

Those who considered this acceptable before the Flint water fiasco lawsuits and the Detroit Public Schools bailout are about to experience serious buyer’s remorse.  Michigan’s state government is facing a fiscal storm in 2017.

Allegan needs a State Representative with the knowledge and experience to deal with with the approaching fiscal  train wreck: Abigail Nobel.