The Regulatory Swamp


I am running for state representative because I’m fed up. Lansing’s routine of more laws, bigger bureaucracy, and picking winners and losers is not working for Allegan. Healthcare, education, small business, farming, construction— overregulation is killing all of us, and there is a better way. Good government protects individual life, private property, and the personal liberty to use them to their full potential.

Draft3 Allogo (2)Every farmer, teacher, clinician, and business owner knows we’re drowning in regulations. MI is #19 in order of high regulation, improved from the past but still higher than our neighboring states of Wisconsin and Indiana. Yet somehow the standard of a good legislator (according to many) is how many new laws they can pass. I strongly disagree.

People need to be free to reach for excellence, to provide for their families, to use their property and earnings to get ahead. That’s hard to do when Lansing constantly changes law, raises taxes and blocks innovation by protecting big business.

Red Tape ImagePeople get discouraged; they see small businesses struggling under a 40% tax burden, and wonder why they bother. Young people see the mountain of permits, licenses, and regulations to be met to start their own business, and they feel defeated before they start. Some apply for disability before they otherwise would. This may even be part of the pressure toward black market and drug trafficking.

Regulatory Pass-Through

It’s bad enough when Lansing micromanages what people do with their own resources. It’s worse when Lansing acts as a pass-through for federal control. We expect the state to protect us from federal overreach in areas of land and water use, education, healthcare, and energy. That’s why I support Gary Glenn’s bills reducing the monopoly of electric utilities and dispersing control of school standards to the district level.

Michigan Capitol ImageLansing churns out detailed mandates that cannot possibly fit all areas of the state. Allegan is not Detroit, or Grayling, or Marquette. Michigan is incredibly diverse, and proves the ancient rule that law must be general, not particular, in order to apply to all regions equally.

I’m going to Lansing to reverse the tide, to repeal overregulation, and I ask for your help. Please share this article and go to the Home Page to donate to my campaign today.

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