Good Law: Taxes

Good Law: Taxes April 15: the date calculated to strike fear, loathing, and budding deceit into the heart of every tax-payer in Michigan. This year, Michigan Capital Confidential celebrated by exposing a particularly outrageous aspect of one of Michigan’s tools of wealth redistribution: the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, or MEDC. Administered by the MEDC, Michigan’s extravagant package Read more about Good Law: Taxes[…]

The Regulatory Swamp

I am running for state representative because I’m fed up. Lansing’s routine of more laws, bigger bureaucracy, and picking winners and losers is not working for Allegan. Healthcare, education, small business, farming, construction— overregulation is killing all of us, and there is a better way. Good government protects individual life, private property, and the personal Read more about The Regulatory Swamp[…]

My Philosophy of Government

“In Adam’s fall,  we sin-ned all.” So the children of colonial America began their ABC lessons. The doctrine of original sin imbibed in their youth reappears in the political philosophy of the Founders, who wrote, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls Read more about My Philosophy of Government[…]

Public Safety

I support the Castle Doctrine, Shall-Issue laws, and Open or Constitutional Carry laws as proper applications of the Second Amendment and the principle of defending life, liberty, and property. One of my favorite public safety stories is the saga of Detroit Police Chief James Craig. Entering a city whose overwhelmed police force sometimes left active-shooter Read more about Public Safety[…]