April 4, 2016


Draft3 Allogo (2)Abby grew up in a farming family who set the trend for defending homeschooling freedom against bureaucratic intrusion. She has seen how reams of regulation limit people in farming, business, and education, in addition to the healthcare world she knows best. “We need to limit government, not people just trying to do their best,” she believes.

Though her first passion is healthcare, Abby’s background in political philosophy and economics enables her to make the case for open markets in all areas, against special interests and bureaucracy in the legislative halls of Lansing. “This is about people’s lives,” she states. “People need the freedom to be able to work, to make the most of their property and skills, to maintain their life and health according to their own consciences. No one does their best work constantly wondering who may be looking over their shoulder. If we want a healthy Michigan, both fiscally and physically, we have to get regulation off the backs of individuals and families.”

Abby’s pick for eye-opening and even inspiring lore on economics is Hillsdale’s online course, Economics 101.